Exceptional Rug Cleaning Hampstead NW3

When it comes to securing first class standards of rug cleaning in Hampstead NW3, look no further than us. We have placed a dedicated team of expert cleaners at your disposal, who all boast an extensive training as well as years of experience on the job. Not only are our personnel able to get rid of even the toughest of stains and blemishes, but they can also provide protective measures such as Scotchgard carpet finishes!

If you have paid a significant amount for a high quality hand woven Persian rug, you expect it to last long. Unfortunately, most of the time it becomes dull and its colours fade really quickly. That is because it accumulates a lot of dirt and soil. It is proven that rugs and mats have the ability to trap dust, thus protecting your floors and health. Therefore in order to preserve your home appeal and indoor air quality regular maintenance is mandatory, weekly vacuuming and monthly deep cleaning. 

Most oriental rugs are made from natural fibres and are moisture sensitive. Therefore they require a special treatment. A service that our professional cleaners can provide with ease. Call us today and give your rug the attention it deserves.

Expert Rug Cleaners in Hampstead NW3

When you arrange our rug cleaners in Hampstead NW3, you'll be able to enjoy our standard nine-step system for success:

  • A crew of our professional staff arrive at your house with top of the range cleaning tools and shampoos.
  • The space is cleared of all furniture and fittings before we begin cleaning.
  • Prominent marks and blemishes are treated with tailor-made stain remover.
  • The next step is to shampoo, clean and hoover.
  • The carpet is given a thorough clean by pressure-injecting cleaning agent deep into the weave.
  • If you request it, we can now employ a layer of Scotchgard carpet protector.
  • Then your carpet is thoroughly groomed – to separate fibres which aids in drying and returning its appealing shape.
  • Furnishings are returned to their original place, with foil pads placed to protect contact points.
  • Before we go we'll leave you with a pair of protective overshoes to wear while your carpet is drying. Give the room three to four hours with an open window, and the job is done.

In addition to delivering an outstanding standard of work however, we also pride ourselves on our dedication to customer care. When you choose us for cleaning rugs in Hampstead NW3, you'll be able to benefit from the usual high standards of service… just visit our reviews page now, to see what past customers have been reporting about our work!

Get in touch with us today – on 020 3404 5621. We have a team of dedicated staff on hand to answer any questions you might have about our rug cleaning service in Hampstead NW3, as well as being able to offer you with a custom quote over the phone. You can even get a free quote online – simply by filling out our online form now!

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Professionalism and thoroughly cleaned carpets is what you can await from our cleaners.

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